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Hi and welcome to the 2016/17 Impro program. I am thrilled to continue to offer this two tiered training course for players, scene work for actors and the training and accreditation programs for teachers. This is an official Theatresports training program.

The focus is to maintain the integrity of the Level One foundation classes and continue the Level Two short form performance training known as the Theatresports® games. The Level One class is a stimulating, foundation of verbal and non verbal exercises and games. This skills set promotes lateral thinking, problem solving, self expression and storytelling. The Level Two class builds to performance games and culminates in an onstage improvised performance! These classes are practical, challenging, fun and you will leave with tangible theatre and communication skills.
Scene work for actors is the class that bridges acting and improvisation skills. Actors explore improvisation techniques to challenge their craft, take risks and make new choices.

This is the only program of its kind offering integrated small sized classes with a focus on improvisation to performance.

The Teachers Toolkit offer Primary and Secondary classroom teachers the opportunity to revisit their teaching method and recharge their technique.
The Teachers' Program directly supports the NSW Impro Theatresports® Schools Competition.

Many of Australia’s best known improvisors, actors, standup comics and writers have been to these very classes. Here they cut their teeth, flexed their impro muscles and learned the vocabulary and tools to take their talent forward.

You might as well give it a go!

Classes attract beginners from all walks of life; actors, improvisors, comics and writes as well as teachers, corporate professionals, marketing and advertising teams, sales personnel, computer geeks, impro addicts and people looking to improve their quick thinking, communication, inter personal, presentation and conversation skills.

These foundation improvisation skills meet the demands of the classroom, K-12 Drama syllabus, the boardroom and the professional entertainment industry.

The Level Two classes explore the games, scene work and short form Improvisation performance techniques.

The scene work laboratory classes challenge actors to use improvisation and explore their range.

Take the challenge – play on stage!

In recent years we have seen theatre, film and TV capitalize on improvisation. As a result Impro skills are a must have for actors, writers, public speakers and presenters. This is the place to learn them.

Come on your own or bring a friend. Book early. The classes are small to maximise playing time.
The best away to learn is to do. You won’t be sitting back watching. You’ll be improvising!

Work with the best teachers in the field. In the hands of expert teachers you’ll explore and free your ideas.
Learn something new about yourself and the art of improvisation every week.

Improvisation allows us to tell stories, express our culture and celebrate our community.

I am proud to continue offering a range of classes to excite improvisors from beginners and interested hobby players to theatre students and experienced professionals.

Take the risk. See you there!

Lyn Pierse