What is Improvisation?

Improvisation is the method by which we naturally invent and play.

Improvisation processes ignite spontaneity, develop lateral thinking, encourage team work, communication, interpersonal skills and self confidence. The results are tangible.

Improvisation and related processes enrich personal development, stimulate group co-operation, promote emotional well-being and enliven the personality and potential artist in us all.

Improvisation encourages us to have ideas and express them.

  • It demands that we listen to other peoples’ ideas.
  • It commands we value and respect our own and other peoples’ ideas.
  • It is a communication tool.

For the actor improvisation is the engine room. It is the foundation of the actor’s craft. It makes us listen. It forces us to be changed. It inspires, drives and ignites us in the moment.
It allows us to create, characterise and make choices. It allows us to react. It allows us to be flexible. Whether on stage or film, improvisation is one of the most powerful tools an actor can possess.

Effective in schools, community and youth groups, as a tool for actor, teacher and corporate training, and as a means of personal expression, improvisation classes are valuable for everyone.