Corporate training and workshops

Corporate Training

Custom created training workshops and performance available on request

We would be pleased to custom create a specific corporate training program for your team.

  • Improvisation workshops tailored for your specific group enhance team building, lateral thinking and problem solving. They boost morale, fine tune listening skills, improve response and reaction timing, encourage yielding to other people’s ideas, aid merging groups, sharpen communication skills, redefine the status structure and are heaps of fun.
  • Workshops to are tailored to deliver your message
  • One on one and group presentation skills
  • status and body language workshops
  • vocal power and presentation skills
  • physical presentation skills
  • role play scenarios
  • Improvised performances where our team of coaches take your group through the games and your group “put on a show!”
  • improvised performances where we perform at your specific corporate function.

Corporate Improvisation training is for sales teams, marketing teams, advertising teams, lawyers, doctors and speakers All workers; individuals teams and leaders across your company will benefit from a program specifically tailored to your workplace, its challenges and culture.

All manner of possibilities are available to make your corporate function or conference memorable for all the best reasons.