Private classes


Improvisation is the tool we use to invent, solve problems, create and play. It is the engine room and starting point. It is at the core of every idea, story, line of dialogue, invention and communication. Finding the improviser in ourselves builds confidence, releases personality, confirms individuality and releases joy.

Learning the principals of offering and yielding is empowering. Trusting that we have an offer and that someone will yield to it ignites co-operation. Yielding to someone else's offer develops listening skills. Responding keeps us flexible, approachable and open to growth and change. Advancing and extending allows us to go forward building on solid foundations.

The principals of offering, yielding, advancing, extending, securing the focus and endowment develop both narrative and character. Reading and understanding body language and status signals informs choices. These skills are applicable in the workplace, across a variety of professions and they are relevant to all of our personal interactions.

Improvisation skills empower individuals and teams. These are life affirming skills for everyone.


Private One on One sessions arranged as required.

Perfect for those who need guidance with:

  • Preparing an audition for acting school

  • HSC monologue

  • Acting coaching

  • Speech-making and oratory skills

The results are tangible.

Price available upon enquiry