Teachers' Feedback


& Testimonials

"Whilst I’d been using Lyn Pierse’s book for years, her summer course reminded me that there is no substitute for the real thing. The week long course was a liberating opportunity to step back from the responsibility of being “the classroom teacher” and to enjoy re-learning my improvisation skills as a practitioner.It is the best professional development you’ll ever do whist having so much fun."

- Mark Friend Drama teacher , Monaro H.S. and Youth Theatre Director, Cooma Little Theatre, 7 years teaching.

"I had an amazing week. Lyn is a knock-out teacher; so inspired and inspirational. She is clear and driven while remaining light and full of the joy of impro. I have used every scrap of what I learned in the Accreditation Course with a range of students and I have been far more able to clarify to them how to make an improvised scene work."

- Amy Kersey Actor/Acting and Impro Teacher Scotts College and Marion Street Theatre For Young People.

"The Teachers' Toolkit Workshop was an absolute blast. We were thrown into the deep end with the first few hours but felt totally safe in Lyn's capable and very experienced hands. At times I felt under the pump, but after each activity I knew that my understanding of the activity/technique and my skills as a performer and educator had grown. The tools and resources Lyn equipped us with are invaluable, she has breathed new life into a wide variety of drama games that I have always dreaded using because they had been done to death but now I can't wait to use them again!"

- Troy Ridgway - Drama Teacher and Drama Club Facilitator, St Patrick's College, Tasmania - Teachers' Toolkit 2018


“Lyn's course is an excellent way to get excited about teaching improvisation and playbuilding. Her course stimulates your imagination, I walked away feeling inspired about the possibilities of what I could create with my students. I have attended Lyn's course twice throughout my career and would definitely recommend it!”

Amanda Dib, Springwood High School 2019

"I took the course initially to refresh my skills and develop my confidence to deliver Theatresports® in the classroom setting but those five days ended up doing so much more for me. It reconnected me with my passion for acting and performance. Thank you for that – you don’t know what a gift that light bulb moment was for me."

- Caterina Di Girolamo Visual Arts teacher, Sydney Secondary College Leichhardt Campus

"Thank you for being so generous with your knowledge, resources and skills. It was such a pleasure, privilege and a luxury to have the benefit of your expertise for 5 whole days."

- 2011 Summer School participant wishing to remain anonymous

"The opportunity to be on the performing end of the improvisation process (rather than instructing it in class situations) was invaluable. Lyn has an easy-going teaching manner and focuses on building a safe and affirming environment for a bunch of strangers to explore the skills of improvisation. A challenging, inspiring and empowering workshop experience."

- Michael Mack, Wagga Wagga - Teachers Toolkit 2018

"Thank you for sharing your passion , enthusiasm and love for teaching Impro. You will be with us all when we are in our classes, like a bright star shining inspiration in all that we do”

- Participants of the Teachers Summer School 2010
Pia Midgley - Drama teacher, Barker College
Amelia Thomas – Drama teacher Primary and Secondary SCEGGS, Darlinghurst
Emily Brennan, actor, Theatresports® player, Children’s Theatre Director/Drama teacher in training.